A fuel that contains energy from geologically recent carbon fixation and can be renewed is Biofuel. These fuels are produced from living organisms. Examples of this carbon fixation occur in plants and microalgae. These fuels are made by a biomass conversion (biomass refers to recently living organisms, most often referring to plants or plant-derived materials). This plant derived biomass can be converted to convenient energy containing substances in three different ways: thermal conversion, chemical conversion, and biochemical conversion.

The Biofuel can be obtained from different sources. It form different types depending on the source such as Ethanol, Biodiesel, Metahnol, Butanol, Green deisel and algal biofuel.

We are trying to establish a prototype lab for algal biofuel production and pyrolytic hydrocracking, so that after the optimisation of various factor and parameter with respect to location, weather, biological problems and so on, we could make it to large scale within INDIA for environment sustainability.